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How It Works

Code Free Conference Calling replaces bothersome passcodes with voiceprint authentication. Once you have set up your voiceprint, Code Free uses your spoken name as the key to open up your conference line and let participants join. No more complicated dial-in instructions.

Setting up your conference number is easy.  Once you complete the online registration, you will receive an email with your conference number.  Call the number we provide you and record your voiceprint.  Your conference number is now ready to use.

Once your conference number is set up with your voice simply:


Invite People To Your Conference

Email participants with your conference number, for example: “Dial: 203-234-3345.”

Participants Join In

Participants calling from cell phones just click on a link in an email or calendar invite. Not a single keypad digit is pressed – by anyone.

That’s it. One number. And your number works globally.

Smartphone with AI powered voice recognition feature

Why Choose Code Free

Quick and Easy

Say goodbye to complicated dial-in instructions.

Voice Activated

Use your spoken name as the key to join

Works Globally

Available anywhere in the world.

Convenient Access

No dialing needed. Just click on a link to join a conference.

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